Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nothing to Celebrate: Orca Shows To Continue at SeaWorld

osted November 9, 2015 by Kim Johnson
UPDATE: On November 9, SeaWorld announced that it will phase out its circus-style orca shows at its San Diego location next year, but it turns out that orcas will still be performing! SeaWorld officials haven’t shared what specific changes would occur in the orca shows, other than saying that some “tricks” would “probably” be eliminated.
Regardless of any changes to the performances, the orcas are still forced to suffer in cramped swimming pools until the day they die. What these animals—and every orca imprisoned by SeaWorld—really need are lives outside the prison-like tanks.
tilly seaworld orca tilikum© Ingrid N. Visser, Ph.D.
As U.S. Rep. Adam B. Schiff indicated when he introduced a federal orca-protection bill recently, no change to SeaWorld’s tanks will be enough to give the orcas what they need to be happy and healthy.
That’s why we’re calling on SeaWorld to stop breeding orcas and start building sea sanctuaries where these intelligent and sensitive animals can experience a natural setting in the ocean.
What You Can Do
  1. Never go to any SeaWorld park and urge your friends and family to stay away, too. Every dollar spent at SeaWorld contributes to the animals’ miserable lives.
  2. Keep the pressure on SeaWorld and urge the company to retire all the orcas it uses.
  3. Share this blog post, and spread the word.
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Read more: http://www.peta2.com/blog/seaworld-san-diego-ending-orca-shows/#ixzz3rmTBDwmm

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